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Role Of ship Chandler

Every day, many ships arrive in ports all around the world including Sri Lanka. They usually arrive after traveling for several days or weeks and having exhausted all resources, supplies, and gasoline. Before they can embark on their next journey, they must be restocked and refueled. This is where the job of a ship chandler comes into play at this point.

The supplies on board a ship can quickly deplete during days, weeks, or even months at sea. A long list of ‘needs’ is likely to have been written up by the time a ship makes its next planned port call. That is where a ship chandler which specialized in the sale and retail of marine equipment and other supplies for the maritime sector comes into play. When a ship is anchored in a port, ship chandlers usually supply their services. It provides all the necessary commodities for a ship.

We Ocean Maritime Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd as the premier full-service ship chandler
specializes in handling provisions, bonded items, steward items, engine items, deck items, cabin items, nautical publications, and tools and chemicals, covering a wide gamut of supplies and services in the industry.

Ocean Maritime Ceylon Private limited services all vessels calling at Sri Lanka’s major ports, including Colombo, Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee. Ship chandlers such as Ocean maritime Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd marine suppliers of chandlery in Sri Lanka) and others ship chandlers stocks a wide range of goods, including food, cleaning supplies, maritime equipment, and other miscellaneous items that are necessary for the proper operation of a ship.

A shipping business may establish a contract with a ship chandler, committing to satisfying all of the company’s needs in port in exchange for cost savings and other perks. Before arriving in port, ships can place an order with a ship chandler so that the ship suppliers can prepare for the ship’s arrival.

This will save loading and turnaround time by allowing suppliers to begin stocking the ship as soon as it docks. Chandlers also keep track of ship
movements and projected arrival times in port so that they may plan with orders and ensure that they have supplies on hand in case a ship has an issue.

Interesting fact

Ship chandlers must be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week since ships can dock at any moment and short turnaround times do not allow for prolonged shore leave to obtain supplies. As a result, effective ship chandlers ensure that they are well-equipped and manned to supply huge quantities of merchandise rapidly, whether by truck or even small ships, if the need arises.

We strongly believe that our client is the most important business partner who drives our business way forward. The main interaction with our client is our strategic business units. The products or Services we offer with various features and benefits will satisfy the client’s expected requirements.

Ocean Maritime Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd caters to vessels calling all major ports in Sri Lanka. Colombo, Galle, Hambantota Trincomalee.

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